Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions2022-01-26T20:59:42-05:00
What is the Carolinas Project Center?2022-01-26T19:27:21-05:00

Carolinas Project Center (CPC) is a personalized lead-generation tool for North and South Carolina architects, engineers, contractors and the supporting industries and suppliers that work with them. CPC is a collaboration between trusted business news outlets SC Biz NewsGSA Business ReportColumbia Regional Business ReportCharleston Regional Business Journalthe Mecklenburg Times and the construction division of their parent company, BridgeTower Media. It’s provides the earliest, most accurate and most complete access to bidding opportunities across the Carolinas on a platform you can personalize to your needs.

For a more complete rundown, check out our About page or an overview of our Results.

What do I get for signing up?2022-01-26T19:33:46-05:00

CPC monthly and annual subscriptions get you access to all the latest breaking news, local industry insight, project leads and special offers to our awards and educational events.

A CPC membership includes:

To learn more about our benefits, our project owner partners and member results, check out this Overview.

How do I signup for CPC or upgrade my subscription from one of your news partners?2022-01-26T19:58:38-05:00

Check out the Carolinas Project Center membership options and features by visiting Our Plans. If you aren’t ready to become a WPC member, you can signup for a 14-Day Free Trial or Request a Live Demo from one of our project experts.

Learn more about all our subscription offers from our news partners in South Carolina and North Carolina.

If you’d like to talk to someone about options, upgrading your subscription with one of our news partners, adding additional seats to your CPC membership or general customer service questions, please call (877) 615-9536 or email

How do I sort through projects?2022-01-26T20:00:10-05:00

The search function is designed to let you search as wide or narrow as you need and the sort function is designed to let you organize projects quickly

To search and sort through the projects in the database, go to the View Projects page.

To sort, scroll down until you see the total project records and open records counter. You can sort through all of the projects in the database by clicking on the header of the following categories:

  • Project Location – sorts alphabetically by city, county or state.
  • Bid Date – sorts by bid date from furthest out to oldest.
  • Date Added – sorts by when the project was added to our system. For the newest projects, click on Date Added and ensure the arrow is pointing down. If it’s pointing up, click on it again.
  • Category – sorts alphabetically by type of work.
  • Owners – sorts alphabetically by the project owner/perspective client leading the project.
  • User Activity – sort by the projects that have been tracked, viewed or had documents downloaded the most (or least).

To view additional projects, click the Next 20 or Prev 20 buttons at the top and bottom of the database. If you aren’t finding specific projects, ensure that you’ve clicked the Clear Search Form button before sorting.

How do I use the search function?2022-01-26T20:03:01-05:00

The search function is designed to let you search as wide or narrow as you need.

To search and sort through the projects in the database, go to the View Projects page.

To search, scroll down until you see a blue button that says Search Projects. Click on the button. You can search by clicking prepopulated categories or use the text boxes to get more specific results. One thing to remember is that if nothing is selected, it will return all the results. It only starts narrowing down as you select search criteria and add search terms. So, if you use the search function, make sure you’re selecting all the things you want. Search categories include:

  • Counties – If location doesn’t matter, leave blank or click All SC and NC Counties.
  • Job Type – This is the type of service the project is looking for. We capture multiple types on most projects.
  • Job Status – Select New for projects added in the past 24 hours, Open for any project that has a future bid date, Closed for projects that the bid date has passed but we haven’t received Results yet, and Results for projects that have Closed and we’ve posted Results.
  • Categories – This is the type of project that’s bidding. We capture multiple types on most projects.
  • CSI/NIGP Codes – This is where you can get very specific on the type of service you’re looking for. Remember that we can only include them when we’re given the codes. So use Job Type and Keyword searches to find additional projects.
  • Price Range – For New and Open projects, this will search any estimated costs. For Results projects, this will search for bid amounts within the range.
  • Bid Date – Use this to find projects bidding within a specific window. Leave it blank to search the entire database.
  • Owners, Architects, Engineers and Contractors/Project Managers – Here is where you can add a specific company you want to work with. You can put as many as you want in each search. To use this company, type the name, press enter, type the next name, press enter, etc. If I wanted to work with ABC Construction and 123 Builders, I would type ABC Construction and hit enter then type 123 Builders, press enter and then select the search button.
  • Keywords – Here is where you can search for specific terms. This will search the entire project pages. This is a great place to search by project name. You can put as many keywords in as you want, just be sure to hit enter after each.

Once you’re ready, just click Apply Search. The Projects Record and Open Projects counters will change as you apply the search. Remember to use the Next 20 and Prev 20 to search multiple pages.

One very important note – If you want to start your search over, remember to click Clear Search Form below before starting again. This is important to widen your search.

Why is the View Projects page not showing as many projects as before?2022-01-26T20:05:41-05:00

The database has nearly 10,000 projects and counting. If your search isn’t returning results or returning a number less than previous searches, here are a few steps to fix the problem:

  1. Make sure you don’t have the search bar on the View Projects page open in any other tabs or windows. If you do, close the additional tabs.
  2. Make sure you clicked the Clear Search Form button below the Search Button. To check if it worked, scroll through all the search options and make sure there are no options checked or search terms in the text boxes.
  3. If the first two options don’t work, do a hard refresh on your browser (it’s usually Ctrl+F5) on a Windows computer. If that doesn’t work, look up how to delete cache and conduct a hard refresh on your browser.
  4. If you’re still having issues, please email to report the problem.
How do I see the most recent information added to the database?2022-01-26T20:07:18-05:00

There are a few ways to do it.

Start by visiting the View Projects page.

  1. On the left side there will be a list of RECENTLY ADDED projects and below that a list of the RECENT RESULTS. This is based on the newest projects we’ve added to the system or added results for.
  2. For a more extensive look, scroll down to where the projects start in the middle of the page. The projects will sort by Bid Date as a default. Click on the Date Added header until an arrow pointing down appears next to it. That will list all projects from newest to oldest.
  3. Finally, on the menu on the left side of the page there is a Results tab. Click on that and sort by Date Added for the most recent results.

Remember, your daily morning email will include all the latest projects and results. Be sure to set your My Preferences and check My Projects for the latest projects just for you.

How do I track and untrack projects?2022-01-26T20:09:25-05:00

To manually track a project you’re interested in, click on the “eyeball” icon that’s at the top of each project page. The project will be light and say “Click here to watch this project” before it is tracked. Once you click on it, it will turn darker and say “You are watching this project!”.

You can also track projects on the View Projects page as you search and sort through projects. The icon will be to the left of the project name.

All of your tracked projects will show up on your My Projects page along with any projects that meet your My Preferences, which are automatically tracked.

Similarly, you can untrack any project you’re tracking by clicking on the same icon. Be sure to go in and untrack projects that you’re not interested in as you’ll be notified of updates to your tracked projects in the CPC Daily Email.

I saw a project on one of the project owner’s websites I’m interested in. How do I find it?2022-01-26T20:20:54-05:00

If you found a project you’re interested on another site and you want to see the details in the CPC, you can find an exact project two different ways:

  • Put the exact project title in the keyword search and hit search. Make sure no other boxes are checked.
  • If the project owner had a unique project code or number on their site, save it. We capture and input that information into our system and label it the Project Source #. To search it, paste the Project Source # into the keyword search, press Enter and then select Apply Search. If that turns up too many results, follow the same steps but put “ID:” in front of the number before you press enter (ie if the project source # 5400019076, put ID:5400019076 in the keyword search and press Apply Search.
Why can’t I right-click and open a project page in a new tab?2022-01-26T20:22:22-05:00

The good news is you can, it’s just a slightly different process.

If you want to look at specific project details for several projects at the same time while on the View Projects page, you can open a project page in a new tab by clicking the icon to the left of the project name that looks like a square with an arrow coming out of the upper-right corner. This will automatically open the project in a new tab.

Just remember to close the tabs after you’re done viewing them and deciding whether or not to track the project. Closing multiple projects tabs ensure that the search function in the database resets itself.

Help! I’ve tried all your suggestions and I’m still not finding the type of work or location I’m looking for.2022-01-26T20:23:56-05:00

As much time as we’ve spent automating the system, the true magic behind the Carolinas Project Center is that all the information is still populated by experienced experts.

If you’ve sorted, searched, set your My Preferences and checked your My Projects and you still aren’t seeing the type or work or location you need, we are here to help. On the View Projects page along the left side below Recently Added and Recent Results, you’ll see a Feedback Form. Fill in exactly what you’re looking for and we will be sure to add it to our workflow so you don’t have to go searching for it.

What are My Preferences and why are they important?2022-01-26T20:25:49-05:00

The Carolinas Project Center is a personalized database of project leads that helps you cut through the clutter and focus on the types of projects you’re interested in.

The very first thing you should do after signing up is go in and set your My Preferences, which lets us know what types of projects you’re interested in. Once set, the system will automatically track any projects that meet your My Preferences and they will show up in your My Projects. Moreover, you’ll be notified of new projects added to the system that meet your My Preferences in the CPC Daily Email and any important updates to projects that you’re tracking.

How do I set My Preferences?2022-01-26T20:28:57-05:00

In order to get the most out of your membership, here is how to set your My Preferences:

  1. Log In and go to your My Preferences page.
  2. Click the blue Edit button with a pencil icon on the right of the page.
  3. Select the locations, types of projects and types of work you’re interested in, as well as many or as few prospects or potential partners you want to work with. Like with the search, just put the name of a project owner or contractor in, hit enter and add another. For anything the options don’t cover, add them as keywords. Remember to keep your search broad and you can update it as often as you want.
  4. Once done, select Update and you’re all done.

Once your preferences are set, a few different things will happen. First, any projects that meet your preferences will be automatically tracked and added to your My Projects page. Second, you will receive a notification each morning by email as part of the CPC Daily Email of any new projects that meet your My Preferences and any updates to your tracked projects.

What is the My Projects page and how do I use it?2022-01-26T20:31:55-05:00

The My Projects page is your personal page on the Carolinas Project Center where all your tracked projects are readily available. We recommend you bookmark this page for easy access. Remember that this page will list all the projects you’ve manually tracked while searching through the database and all the projects that are automatically tracked because they meet your My Preferences.

There are two types of views on your My Projects page:

  • List View shows you a list of all your tracked projects by name. Each project is clickable to the project page with all the important details. Be sure to clean this up and untrack projects you’re no longer interested in so you’re only notified with important details.
  • Calendar View shows all of your tracked projects on a calendar listed by important date. The calendar view will show you pre-bid meetings, bid dates and other important dates for all of your tracked projects. Each item is color-coded by type of event and includes the event details, like whether or not a pre-bid meeting is mandatory.
What is the CPC Daily Email?2022-01-26T20:34:55-05:00

The CPC Daily Email is the ultimate feature of the Carolinas Project Center. It’s an automated and personalized email sent to each member at 6:00 AM CT each weekday morning.

The CPC Daily Email consists of six sections (two of which are personalized to the user) and gives you a true daily snapshot of what’s in the database all in one email. The email includes:

  • New Projects Just for You – All new projects added to the database in the past 24 hours that meet your My Preferences. So, be sure to go and set those My Preferences(Personalized)
  • Updates to My Tracked Projects – All projects that you’re tracking that have had an update in the past 24 hours. This includes the projects you’ve tracked manually or automatically through your My Preferences. Updates included date changes, added addendum, new documents and bidding results. (Personalized)
  • New Projects – All new projects added to the system in the past 24 hours. This is a chance to find any projects you might be interested in that slipped through your My Preferences.
  • Projects Bidding Soon – All projects that are bidding in the next seven days. This is your last chance to find a project that’s bidding soon with enough time left to go after it.
  • Bid Results – All project bidding results we’ve added to the system in the past 24 hours. This includes bidders, winners, amounts and project details.
  • Latest Headlines – All the breaking news and latest building industry headlines for the award-winning news partners, including SC Biz NewsGSA Business ReportColumbia Regional Business ReportCharleston Regional Business Journalthe Mecklenburg Times.
I’m a member. Why am I not getting the CPC Daily Email?2022-01-26T20:39:56-05:00

There are a few reasons you might not be getting the CPC Daily Email. Here are some common solutions and who to contact if you still can’t access it:

  1. You must log into the database at least one time before the automated daily email will start coming to you. Start by logging into the database here.
  2. Check to see if it’s going to your junk of spam folder. The email will come from: with the subject: Carolinas Project Center News & Projects. If it is in the junk or spam folder, click “it’s not junk” to ensure future delivery.
  3. Whitelist the email address: For instructions on how to do this through your email provider, click here.
  4. Log into our Manage Account page, email or call (877) 615-9536 to verify the correct email is in our system.
  5. If those don’t work, email and provide the email address on your account and your account number.
I’m getting the CPC Daily Email but it doesn’t have all six of the sections you said it would?2022-01-26T20:41:31-05:00

The email will only include sections that have new information to share. For example, there are often days when there aren’t any updates to your tracked projects if no new information was available. If you’re concerned you’re missing information, try this:

  1. Make sure you’ve set your My Preferences and that they’re broad enough.
  2. Check that you have projects tracked in your My Projects. If you only have a few projects you’ve tracked manually, you may want to broaden your My Preferences.
  3. If you’ve done all this and you still aren’t seeing projects, provide us more details by filling out the Feedback Form on the bottom left of the View Projects page.
What is the “Add to Planholders” function?2022-01-26T20:43:37-05:00

Carolinas Project Center lets you self-identify as a plan holder on the projects you’re going to bid on. After you click on the “Add to Plan Holder” button our staff will verify your request and you’ll be listed as a plan holder on the project. This information will be visible on the project page, included in our next Daily Reporter publication and shared with the project owner and interested subcontractors. We supplement this with plan holders lists we receive from the project owner so be sure to check if you’re already listed before submitting.

If you have any questions or want to be removed, please email:

How do I get a Plan Holder list?2022-01-26T20:45:42-05:00

We will add Plan Holder lists to each project as we receive them or if they’re requested by a member. You can check the project page under the “Documents” dropdown to find active plan holders.

If you want to request a specific plan holder list, please email:

Post A Project2022-01-26T20:50:13-05:00

We’ve been working with project owners in markets across the United States for 150 years to get the word out about their projects. We have several ways we can work with you to promote your upcoming building opportunity, no matter if it’s public or private, big or small, general or specialty, etc.

The best way to ensure we’ll post your project is to run it in our construction bid section of The Mecklenburg Times in North Carolina. This will guarantee and expedite the promotion of your project in the Carolinas Project Center.

If your project doesn’t make sense for that outlet, you can post your project through our Post a Project self portal. It’s completely free and is a great way to get the word out about upcoming projects or subcontractor bid packages. Provide as much detail as possible and we will verify and publish it.

If that’s too much work, you can email the CPC Manager Rich Holevoet at to let him know where and how his team can access your project information so we can ensure promotion. We’re happy to pull information from project portals, take pdf documents online or whatever format best suits you.

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