COLUMBIA, SC – Hood Construction is proud to share that Virtual Design Manager, Natalye Jackson, was awarded the Executive Spotlight Shining Star Award at the 68th Annual National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC) Conference.

The 68th Annual conference was held in Portland, OR by the NAWIC Executive Committee of the National Board to showcase over 5,000 women nationally that contribute to the organization. Out of the four participants awarded, Natayle was personally chosen by the NAWIC President-Elect, Kelly Aust, for her achievements.

“I admire how Natalye started her career path over by going back to school and creating a new role for herself at Hood”, NAWIC President-Elect Kelly Aust said. “Natayle is a firefly that lights up the room and is a wonderful ambassador for NAWIC.”

Natalye joined NAWIC in 2020 and currently is the Chair of Professional Development, the Recording Secretary and is heavily involved in the Education and Nomination Committees.
Last year, Natalye was awarded the 2022 NAWIC Future Leader of the Year Award for the South Atlantic Region.

“I love what NAWIC has done for my confidence and my career. I have just truly enjoyed getting to see women in this association evolve in their careers and become more confident in their work”, Natalye Jackson said.

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