Greenville Technical College and Clemson University have signed a transfer articulation agreement designed to allow students to move seamlessly from Greenville Tech’s Associate of Arts-Architectural Engineering Transfer Track to Clemson’s Bachelor of Arts in Architecture program, provided that all requirements at both institutions are met. 

The intent of the agreement is to simplify the transfer process, allowing those interested in a four-year architecture degree from Clemson to build upon the associate degree credits they have earned at Greenville Tech, according to a news release. 

Graduates of the technical college’s architectural engineering technology associate degree program have received instruction in the building of residential and commercial facilities and are equipped to create basic construction documents, the release said. Students are also prepared for CAD drafting and limited code analysis in an office environment. 

The Clemson bachelor’s program in architecture introduces students to the world of building design and construction and prepares them to pursue a master’s degree in architecture and other fields. Clemson’s objective is that architetcure students develop critical thinking, research, and analysis skills, along with an ability to engage theory and culture with an understanding of how these forces work together in the built environment, according to the release. 

“We are pleased to increase transfer opportunities for our architectural engineering students,” Larry Miller, vice president of learning and workforce development at Greenville Technical College, said in the release. “By coming together with Clemson, we can help students meet their educational goals and ensure that workforce needs are met.”