30 06, 2022

SeamonWhiteside: industrial construction soars


Demand for next-day delivery, exacerbated by pandemic-related efforts to onshore, is driving a huge growth in the industrial construction business for on land design [...]

SeamonWhiteside: industrial construction soars2022-06-30T13:07:41-04:00
23 06, 2022

Greenville data center expands


DartPoints will add more than 17,000 square feet to its Greenville data center, including a power room and electrical service entrance area. The data [...]

Greenville data center expands2022-06-24T01:07:11-04:00
17 06, 2022

F-16 backorder rises to 136 with order


The nation of Jordan has added eight F-16 Fighting Falcon aircraft to the backorder of 128 planes to be made at Lockheed Martin’s Greenville [...]

F-16 backorder rises to 136 with order2022-06-17T13:05:24-04:00
9 06, 2022

Buy American Act changes enhance reshoring trend


Some South Carolina-based suppliers are feeling a burst of demand as domestic content percentages for materials used in public projects are set to go [...]

Buy American Act changes enhance reshoring trend2022-06-10T01:07:54-04:00
26 05, 2022

Canadian client to buy Proterra EV fleet


British Columbia’s BC Transit approved a $20 million contract to purchase 10 40-foot Proterra ZX5 electric transit buses and one Proterra Energy megawatt-scale EV [...]

Canadian client to buy Proterra EV fleet2022-05-26T13:11:22-04:00
20 05, 2022

Upstate museum highlights major industry


When it comes to igniting the interest of the next generation of talent, the key is to start young say economic developers. The Children’s [...]

Upstate museum highlights major industry2022-05-20T13:05:55-04:00
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